Vibha is an organization which helps you play on your strengths to make a difference to the underprivileged children in India. The untiring passion and relentless commitment that each of the members bring to the organization topped with a noteworthy cause is what makes me proud to be associated with it.

Working with Vibha volunteers is really refreshing. The passion each person shows towards the cause, the professionalism shown towards organizing events, the enthusiasm in their efforts to beat their own previous achievements etc are really mind blowing.

Vibha Rocks.. Vibha is a great non profit organization. The dedication of the volunteers speak for itself.. The low expenses and high charitable funds for the children makes donating to this organization worthwhile
-Vibha Rocks

I interpret Vibha's mission as Educate, Empower and Enable every child to realize his or her potential - extending the gift of opportunity that most of us take for granted. I have volunteered with Vibha for 6 years now, and what I find most amazing is the relentless passion of the volunteer team, year over year, towards attaining the goal. The grassroots nature and low overhead/administration cost makes each contribution more valuable. Thorough evaluation of projects that Vibha sponsors assures me that our contributions will be used as efficiently as possible. I love Vibha, the goal, the team and am proud to be a volunteer.

I have been involved with Vibha from last 3-4 years, mostly by participating in their fun events in bay-area. I must say that it's a very well run organization with dedicated volunteers. I am confident that it will grow leaps and bounds in coming years and make a difference for millions of kids.
-Rajiv Arora