Vibha drives social solutions through 4 pillars

Vibha is the collective, synchronized thinking, action and effort of many different actors: Volunteers, Donors, Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs


Vibha Seeds Promising Social Solutions

Seek, find and invest in social entrepreneurs in a variety of child development verticals across India


Vibha Grows and Improves Social Solutions

Mentor and provide much needed professional management consulting and tracking & monitoring advice and services (directly & indirectly) in a variety of areas towards ensuring scalability and replicability

Vibha Scales and Freely Shares Successful Social Solutions

Vibha takes proven solution models and spread them far and wide across India through partner NGOs (Vibha and non-Vibha), large foundations, government agencies and companies in India.

Vibha Proves replicability and self-sustainability

by ensuring all stakeholders participate in the solution (Minimal external intervention that attains maximum societal impact – NO PARALLEL SYSTEMS!)

Vibha withdraws funding from a project if there is no impact

After 3 years of funding a solution, if there's no visible impact by the programme, Vibha discontinues funding.

How Vibha Helps


Case Studies: How your donations impact the lives of children


Project Stories: Hope kindling stories from the field


Projects: How these are selected and monitored for results

Sharing success models with social entrepreneurs