Vibha is almost entirely a volunteer-driven organization comprised of more than 800 working professionals and students spread across 14 Action Centers in the US and several cities in India. Vibha is essentially a semi virtual organization. We have a Board of Directors and a National Executive team overseeing all the functional areas (Fundraisers and Events, IT, Programs and Products, Projects, Marketing and Volunteer Relations) at a national level. In addition several cities across the country have their own Action Center. These Action Centers organize their own activities and elect their own office bearers. Individual Action Center Coordinators communicate with the other Action Centers and the National Executive teams.

  • The Advisory Board
    • Professor Jagdish N. Sheth

      Professor Jagdish N. Sheth

      • Emory University

      Professor Jagdish Sheth is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Over the fifty years, Professor Sheth has been on the faculty of Columbia University, MIT, University of Illinois and University of Southern California.

      He is an expert on consumer demographics, impact of technology on society and globalization of competition. Professor Sheth has been advisor to numerous corporations all over the world.

      His latest book is Genes, Climate and Consumption Culture: Connecting the Dots (Emerald Publishing, 2017).

    • BV Jagadeesh

      BV Jagadeesh

      • KAAJ Ventures

      B V Jagadeesh is an Entrepreneur, a Venture Capitalist and a Philanthropist. He was the co-founder and CTO of Exodus communications in 1993 that pioneered the concept of Internet data centers. He was instrumental in successful IPO of Exodus in 1998. He was President CEO of Netscaler and was acquired by Citrix.

      Jagadeesh has also funded and mentored many successful companies such as Nutanix, NetMagic etc to name a few.

      Jagadeesh is actively involved in several India and US non profits uplifting education and health care such as UVCE Foundation, One School At A Time ( OSAAT), Bagalur Village Schools, Akshaya Patra, OVBI - Rejuvenating water, Shankara Cancer Hospital, Boys and Girls Club in California and Silicon Valley Education Foundation etc.

    • Seema Chetal

      Seema Chetal

      • First Republic

      Seema Chetal is a Managing Director at First Republic Private Wealth Management, where she is responsible for private equity and hedge fund research. Previous experience includes direct lending, real assets and private equity investments, and mergers and acquisitions at GE Capital, Citigroup Private Equity, and Juniper Networks. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School and M. Com from Delhi School of Economics.

      She has held several non-profit board positions, including Baruch College Fund, New York City and Vibha, Sunnyvale, CA. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and they have 3 children.

    • Shri Dodani

      Shri Dodani

      • Technology Entrepreneur

      Shri Dodani is a veteran technology executive with engineering, sales and marketing experience. Shri’s extensive experience in technology and management, combined with large companies (Intel, Alcatel Nokia, et al) and entrepreneurial experience (CACS, VxTel, StrataLight, Virident et al), has helped him launch successful start ups with multiple products in multi-hundred millions of revenue to generate substantial shareholder returns. Shri has been active in formulating strategy, product plans, market introduction and financing in start up to growth phases of several companies in diverse technologies and customers base. He is currently active Board representative in Server, Storage, FinTech, Web 2.0 for SME, Surgery Assist Medical Equipment, Biometric Sensor, 2D/3D NPR Animation technology and off-shore development for technology companies.

    • Gauri Kumar

      Gauri Kumar

      • IAS (Retired)

      Gauri Kumar is a retired member of the 1979 batch of Indian Administrative Services (IAS). She retired as Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances), Cabinet Secretariat in 2015 and served as Member/Chairperson of the Public Enterprises Selection Board from 2015-18 post her retirement. In the course of her distinguished career, she has been a former Secretary in the union Ministry of Labour and Employment as well as in the Ministry of Home Affairs (Border Management). She has served as Special/Additional Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor, Ministry of Environment and Forests. She has also been Principal Secretary (2008-10), Industries Commissioner (2007-08) and Secretary, Education Department (2000-02) of the Government of Gujarat. She also held the position of Director General, National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Ministry of Textiles (2002-07).

      Gauri Kumar holds a degree of BSc in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics from Allahabad University. She completed her MSc in Mathematics from Lucknow University and was awarded seven gold medals in the course of her studies for exceptional academic distinction. She also has a Master in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. As a fellow of the Edward G. Mason Program in Public Policy and Management, she was also awarded the Littauer Fellowship by Harvard for commitment to excellence, academic achievement and public service.

  • The Board of Directors USA
    • Ron Victor

      Ron Victor

      • Chairman
      • Board Member

      Ron is one of the founding volunteers of Vibha and has been with Vibha since 1991. He is the President of Vibha Inc. Ron has also played an active role at other non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross and Missionaries of Charity. He has over 20 years of expertise and experience in social change causes. He is also a technology entrepreneur based in silicon valley, California, working on next generation wireless technologies. Ron is also an active yogi, a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys mountain biking in the California mountains.

    • Vijay Vemulapalli

      Vijay Vemulapalli

      • Secretary
      • President, Vibha-India

      Vijay works at Equifax Inc. in Atlanta as a Software Engineer. He has been a volunteer of Vibha since 1993 and has played a critical role in the growth of the Organization on several fronts. Over the years Vijay has been instrumental in forming the National Vibha Volunteer Network and starting the Atlanta Action Center. He is also a key member of the Projects Selection Committee. He holds a Doctorate in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India.

    • Ganesh Balamitran

      Ganesh Balamitran

      • Treasurer

      Ganesh is a Product Marketing Manager in the PC-Clients Group at Intel Corp in Santa Clara. As an active volunteer of Vibha from 1997 to 2006, Ganesh organized several Fundraiser events, coordinated the Bay Area Action Center and later volunteered on the National Executive Team as Director of Fundraising. Ganesh earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1996 and an MBA (PGPX) from the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) in 2009. Ganesh enjoys Bollywood Karaoke singing and also playing, watching and endlessly discussing Cricket.

    • Rajesh Haridas

      Rajesh Haridas

      • Trustee

      Rajesh is a Principal at Consltek, Inc. He has been a Vibha volunteer since 2001. He served as the CEO of Vibha from 2006 through 2013. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State University. Rajesh is based out of Silicon Valley. He enjoys music, back packing and cooking.

    • Kannan Udayarajan

      Kannan Udayarajan

      • Chief Executive Officer

      As Vibha's CEO, Kannan is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of Vibha globally. Kannan started volunteering for Vibha in 2008 and is an alumni of the Cochin University of Science & Technology . He is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where he works as a consultant specialized in project management and process improvement.​He is an avid reader, passionate cinephile and a political junkie. He harbors great passion for social causes and supports few other non-profits in the Atlanta area as an Advisor and Board Member.

    • Keyur Shah

      Keyur Shah

      • Trustee

      Keyur started to volunteer with Vibha in 2000. In his current role, he is working closely with the Programs and Marketing team to achieve the long term vision of Vibha. Keyur is a Global Security Manager at Citigroup. He is inspired by Dalai Lama and follows the Vipassana technique of meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka. He completely believes in Swami Vivekanand’s famous note “You cannot help anyone, you can only serve”. In his free time, he enjoys reading about finance and is a cricket enthusiast.

  • Executive Management Team USA
    • Vivek Sharma

      Vivek Sharma

      • Director - Finance & Administration

      Vivek has been working with Vibha as a consultant and volunteer since 2006, and is located out of the SF Bay Area. Vivek started his non-profit journey in 1997 after completing his Bachelors in Finance. He consulted with multiple NGOs in Himachal Pradesh, which were focused on promoting environmental sustainability & local economic and political empowerment. Eight years later, upon moving to the US, Vivek started his Vibha journey in 2006. As the Director of Finance & Administration, Vivek is responsible for accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, tax compliance, insurance, and audit functions, as well as managing the administrative systems of the organization. The position ensures that there are effective financial and accounting system controls and standards in place. Vivek's role ensures Vibha's ability to effectively execute on its mission and vision.
      In addition to Vibha, Vivek also consults with other small businesses and nonprofits to streamline their accounting practices. Vivek is also a certified and experienced Yoga instructor, and while not working with numbers, spends his time educating and sharing his Yoga practice with fellow Yogis in the Bay Area. In his personal time, Vivek enjoys spending time with his two tweens and his awesome wife who has supported him in his Vibha journey at every step.

    • Tripura Vadlamani

      Tripura Vadlamani

      • Director - Fundraising Campaigns

      Tripura's Vibha journey started in 2012 from Milwaukee where she found out about Vibha through a Change For Children box kept at an Indian grocery store. She was actively involved in various Vibha activities across Milwaukee, DC and Atlanta Action Centers at the local and National level. Her roles included one of the event leads for VIBE, Dream Mile Pledge Page Lead and National Event Campaigns coordinator for Event based pledge campaigns.   And more recently, she led the charge for the 2016 Year End Drive which raised more than $200,000 and helped Vibha cross the $1 Million mark in overall revenue for the year.

      In her new role, Tripura will be responsible for planning, execution and scaling of all general and project/issue specific fundraising campaigns run by Vibha.

      On the personal front, Tripura holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio University and currently works for Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta as a Sr. Business Intelligence Developer. She is an ardent supporter of FC Barcelona Soccer club and also enjoys classical music,hiking,exploring coffee/tea shops and reading books there.

    • Priti Sarda

      Priti Sarda

      • Director - Volunteer Relations

      As the Director of Volunteer Relations, Priti is responsible for building and implementing strategies at the national level for Volunteer Management & Recruitment as well as enhancing the volunteering experience at Vibha.

      Priti started volunteering with Vibha in 2004 and has served Vibha in a variety of roles such as Atlanta Action Center Coordinator, Vibha Youth Parent Coordinator, Lead Coordinator for numerous fundraising events, as well as the Coordinator for the VolCon (Vibha's National Volunteer Conference).

      On the personal front, Priti holds Masters in Accounts & Finance from Bombay University, and has been involved in the IT field. Originally from Mumbai she also lived in Singapore and Australia. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Priti lives with her husband and two daughters, who are also active Vibha volunteers.

    • Vindali Vartak

      Vindali Vartak

      • Global Innovation Leader

      Vindali leads the Innovation Hub at Vibha with the vision to expand Vibha’s footprint globally, as the platform of choice for volunteering & giving and a preferred social venture partner. Vindali started volunteering with Vibha’s Atlanta action center in January 2009 as her new year resolution, one of the rare ones that she actually completed! Since then, she has volunteered with Vibha in multiple capacities including but not limited to leading fundraising events, and leading a Vibha funded project for 2 years.
      Vindali is based out of Alpharetta, Georgia and lives with her husband and son. Though dentist by training, she also holds MBA and MHA. Her professional journey has steered from dentistry towards advanced analytics in healthcare clinical and healthcare financial world for past 10 years. She holds leadership position in an Atlanta-based healthcare organization.
      In addition to volunteering to Vibha, in her free time she pursues dance and is trained in Kathak. In addition theatre, books, music, movies and a fairly large circle of friends keep her rejuvenated.

    • Pravin Chavda

      Pravin Chavda

      • Director - Fundraising Programs

      Pravin has been an active volunteer with Vibha for close to a decade and has successfully donned many roles in the organization. He joined Vibha's National Executive team as the Director of Fundraising Programs where he focuses to seed, scale and grow recurring revenue generation programs related to Corporate matching donations, Corporate grants, Change for Children, Automatic Donation Programs and e-commerce that deliver maximum qualitative and quantitative impact to Vibha's beneficiaries.
      Pravin lives and works in Atlanta as a Principal Solutions Engineer with Etrade Financial and has also been associated with various startups around Atlanta area as a technical adviser.

    • Chandra Palla

      Chandra Palla

      • Director - Projects

      Chandra has been with the projects team at Vibha since 2016. He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and works at SC Johnson and Son Inc as a Principal Scientist. He completed his undergrad at IIT Madras and went on to earn his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York. Chandra and his team focus their efforts is to ensure projects are making the necessary impact and are running effectively. As the Director of Projects, he holds the critical responsibility for the selection, funding, execution and monitoring of all Vibha solutions in India and USA.

    • Rahul Pandey

      Rahul Pandey

      • Director - Fundraising Events

      Rahul has been a vital part of the Bay Area Action Center since he started his journey as a part of Vibha in 2014. He started as a trainee on the Vibha Striders marathon training program and then took over as the co-lead for the program in 2016. He volunteered at various local fundraising events including The Dream Mile and Vibha Disco Dandiya. As the Director of Fundraising Events, Rahul is responsible for the planning, execution and scaling of all fundraising events run by Vibha. He currently works at Oracle as the Senior Director of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Development. Rahul enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle and love to run, hike and meditate.

    • Surya Kangeyan

      Surya Kangeyan

      • Director - Information Technology

      A technology enthusiast, Surya Kangeyan has forged an career in managing IT systems & platforms in all shapes and sizes. Looking beyond just capabilities, his current focus is on lean, mean, & secure IT operations & practices; achieving team goals through the right amount and mix of technology. Vibha's mission & goals offer great potential for technology being a worthy component in the quest for education & empowerment. The focus on education & volunteer driven approach are the hooks that got Surya into the team.
      Surya is currently a Principal Engineer in The Home Depot, specialized in Security & Reliability Engineering. He has his Masters in Information Security from Georgia Tech and Bachelors in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Guindy, India. Football (soccer) is his passion & PC gaming is his addiction.

    • Vishu Cheruku

      Vishu Cheruku

      • Director - Marketing

      Vishu currently works as a Customer Success Manager at VMware in Orange County and has been with Vibha since 2018. She started on the National Volunteer Relations team and has decided to concentrate her efforts to propel the brand and vision for Vibha by accepting the role of Director of Marketing. Vishu is responsible for all outbound marketing efforts and communications with Vibha's patrons. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and in her free time can be found either travelling, working out, spending time outdoors or more recently, watching cricket.

  • The Board of Directors India
    • Vijay Vemulapalli

      Vijay Vemulapalli

      • President, Vibha-India

      Vijay works at Equifax Inc. in Atlanta as a Software Engineer. He has been a volunteer of Vibha since 1993 and has played a critical role in the growth of the Organization on several fronts. Over the years Vijay has been instrumental in forming the National Vibha Volunteer Network and starting the Atlanta Action Center. He is also a key member of the Projects Selection Committee. He holds a Doctorate in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India.

    • Ron Victor

      Ron Victor

      • Board Member

      Ron is one of the founding volunteers of Vibha and has been with Vibha since 1991. He is the President of Vibha Inc. Ron has also played an active role at other non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross and Missionaries of Charity. He has over 20 years of expertise and experience in social change causes. He is also a technology entrepreneur based in silicon valley, California, working on next generation wireless technologies. Ron is also an active yogi, a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys mountain biking in the California mountains.

    • Sreekanth Pannala

      Sreekanth Pannala

      • Secretary, Vibha-India

      Sreekanth works at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN as a senior research staff member. He has been a volunteer of Vibha since 1996 when he started the Georgia Tech chapter and has been instrumental in starting the Vibha Dream Mile, which has been a premier fundraising event that has raised over 750,000 dollars over the last decade. He has also led the project monitoring team and played an important role in various Vibha activities. Sreekanth volunteered for various activites over the years including Atlanta Olympics and Paralympics, Atlanta food bank and other organizations through Hands-On-Atlanta, tutoring inner-city kids in Atlanta, serving as philanthropy chair of India club of Georgia Tech.

    • Jeydev Rajamani

      • Treasurer, Vibha-India

      Jeydev has been a Vibha volunteer since 1996, when he represented Vibha in Purdue in USA. Moving to San Francisco Bay Area in 1997, he had been an active volunteer leading many activities and events, including being a coordinator of the Bay Area Action Center in 2002. Jeydev later took up a national role in Vibha as Functional Director of Volunteer Relations in 2003. Moving to Bangalore in 2005, he facilitated establishing Vibha Bengaluru Action Center and registering Vibha as a Trust in India. Jeydev works for Oracle India Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru.

    • Ebenezer Vidyasagar

      Ebenezer Vidyasagar

        Ebby works at Texas Instruments in Bengaluru, India as, Director - APP (Analog Power Products) Engineering Team. He has 20+ years of success driving product development across hardware and software on a global scale. He has been a volunteer of Vibha since 2005 when he and Viv (his spouse) started the Vibha Houston chapter. Moving to Bangalore in 2010, he has been an active member of the Vibha Bengaluru Action Center. He has been instrumental in starting the Vibha Dream Mile (Bangalore edition), which has been a premier fundraising event for Vibha in Bangalore for the last 5 years. Ebby is an active runner and enjoys running half marathons.

    • The Operations Team India
      • Maryma Scotlin

        Maryma Scotlin

          Maryma Scotlin is a development professional having 20 years experience working at various grassroots, state, national and international level organizations. Having dual masters in Anthropology and English Literature, Scotlin has her core competencies in dealing with the issues of Child rights, Education, Policy analysis, evidence based research, advocacy, networking, alliance building, NGO coordination and other governance related issues through appropriate programme planning and implementation. She had demonstrated her leadership by serving as catalyst for change through influencing, mobilizing and engaging others.

          Scotlin has been associated with Vibha since 2016. She started serving as monitor for Vibha's investees in South India. Now she devotes most of her time in helping investees to work in partnership with the State Governments. She holds an additional responsibility as Director of CSR, South India.

        • Deep Ranjani Rai

          Deep Ranjani Rai

          • Program Director

          Deep has nearly 30 years experience in the development sector. She has worked with major development agencies and NGOs in South Asia, South East Asia and Central Asia, human rights of refugees and displaced persons, gender and child rights and human resource management/OD. She is currently a consultant in India, with Vibha, a US based NGO and provides project management oversight and capacity building support to 14 of their partners in North, East, West and South India.

          Her current work with Vibha takes her to various locations in West Bengal, as far as the Sunderbans , to outskirts of Delhi,and to three districts in Rajasthan, where she interacts closely with NGO partners in facilitating the development and strengthening of field programs and organizational systems and processes.

        • Jyoti Wadmare

          Jyoti Wadmare

          • Project Manager

          Jyoti has been associated with nonprofits since year 2000. She worked with different age groups including children, adults and senior citizens. She has played active role in nonprofits like Shelter Don Bosco, An open house for street children & Harmony Interactive Centre for Senior Citizens Mumbai. She is Project Manager at Vibha and works with various Vibha funded projects to ensure the projects are delivering to their maximum.

        • Zankhana Patel

          • Director, Vibha-India

          Zankhana has been with Vibha professionally since 2004. Graduation in Social Work from Mumbai University (1979) followed by Masters in Social Work from TISS (1981) were her entry points in the development sector. The grass-root experience of working with the organizations addressing different issues of education, health, disability, community development, disaster relief, women’s empowerment etc…built her foundation in development sector. A Diploma in Voluntary Sector Management from NMIMS, Mumbai (2001) sharpened her skills further. She leads the team taking care of overall operations in India to ensure that Vibha achieves its mission and vision. To begin with she played a primary role of monitoring and evaluation of the Vibha funded projects. Over a period of time, as needs aroused she got involved in conceptualizing, organizing, coordinating and executing a time bound projects and events to address the common needs of our partners. She has been instrumental in creating and maintaining professional mechanisms and operating systems within Vibha.